Sustainable suits

Bespoke suits are inherently sustainable, in that it implies local production of fitted pieces at a price which is representative for the amount of work needed. As a reaction to fast-fashion consumerism, we promote the use of a smaller number of garments which are of a better quality, more durable and better fitted.

But we can go even further than this. The diagramme below illustrates our philosophy of a circular way of using textile and clothes. In each stage of a garment’s life-time, the different options are ranked from most to least preferable.

Chart of the life cycle of a men’s suit, based on own research

Sourcing of sustainable materials

We choose to work with the best wool fabrics, made primarily out of wool from Australia and New-Zealand, spun to yarns in Europe and woven in the UK. Prominent suppliers are Dormeuil, Fox Brothers, Dugdale and Holland and Sherry.

Some producers work partly with European wool, which has a coarser fibre and is excellent for winter jackets. We offer the woollen fabrics of Abraham Moon and the artisanal cloth by Woven in the Bone.

Apart from the outer fabric, a suit contains a lot of interlinings and linings. We choose for 100% natural fibre interlinings from Italian suppliers ( Rovagnati, Fodere Zamboni, Tessillino Zorloni) and for linings made of regenerated cellulose fibre, either cupro or viscose.

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