How we create your bespoke suit

Choosing materials and cut

The choice of fabric and style go hand in hand. Do you want a navy blue all-round suit for the office, or will you go for a light summer suit or a warm winter suit with a more pronounced design? Is a two-piece suit the best option, or would you rather opt for a blazer, maybe with separate trousers or chinos?

We guide you through the process of choice, respecting your preference, and giving you expert advice. A true bespoke suit is the result of the dialogue between the client and the tailor.

You choose the fabric, lining, colour of silk finishing thread, buttons, …

The tailor then takes your measures, observes your posture, and drafts a pattern on paper.

First fitting

The pattern is cut out of the fabric, leaving ample seems in order to enable for adaptations if needed. The suit jacket is basted together without sleeves, in order to leave maximum liberty in optimising the fit on the back and shoulders. Also the balance between front, side and back can be improved, as well as the hem line at the bottom. At this point also the trousers can be fitted to check the position of the waistband, width and shape of the legs, and the overall shape.

Second fitting

In this stage the jacket front and back are finished, and a sleeve is basted in place to check its drape and length. Also, the collar can be put in place at the optimal position.

The final length of the trouser legs is fixed, as well as the centre back seam.

Third and final fitting

The third fitting is basically a check where the client can verify if the finished garment is exactly the way it was intended.

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